Key appointments strengthen Hall Payne’s commitment to the union movement

Key appointments strengthen Hall Payne’s commitment to the union movement

Hall Payne Lawyers has secured key union leaders, and expert industrial lawyers, Mark Diamond and Sunil Kemppi, to join its leadership team.

Mark Diamond joins Hall Payne Lawyers industrial and employment law team

Mark Diamond, as the recent RTBU National Secretary, has been a central driver of the modernisation, activism and industrial successes of the RTBU in recent years. Mark’s strategic leadership skills and experience running aggressive, litigious and complex industrial campaign’s will be of immense value to Hall Payne’s Union clients across Australia.   

Prior to being National Secretary, Mark was the RTBU’s National Lawyer, where he worked closely with officials, organisers, delegates and members across all Branches and Divisions. His roles included running high-level and precedent-setting legal cases for members, providing strategic and legal advice on enterprise bargaining and industrial strategies, coordinating campaigns against wage theft at labour hire companies, and leading the Union’s response in nationally significant industrial and legal disputes.

Mark’s appointment significantly enhances the firm’s already significant capabilities in industrial relations and employment law. His deep understanding of organising and enterprise bargaining, and his strategic acumen will reinforce the firm’s reputation as one of the pre-eminent law firms representing the Australian trade union movement.

“Mark is an exceptional leader in the union movement. The experience he brings from the RTBU, a union at the forefront of industrial activism in Australia, will be of immense value to unions in achieving success in their industrial campaigns,” said HPL Director, Joe Kennedy.

Mark has joined Hall Payne Lawyers as a Senior Associate.

Sunil Kemppi joins Hall Payne Lawyers industrial and employment law team

Sunil Kemppi has a deserved reputation as one of Australia’s best industrial advocates.

As the ACTU’s Senior Legal and Industrial Officer, Sunil provided legal and strategic advice to the ACTU and the broader union movement on issues critical to Australian workers. Sunil played a key legal role for the ACTU during the policy development and consultations for the Closing Loopholes legislation. Sunil also served in a senior role at CPSU, where he provided advice and representation in a variety of significant cases.

Sunil's deep understanding of the strategic environment in which unions operate, the regulatory scheme they are subject to, and his commitment to protecting workers’ rights make him an exceptional fit for the firm. His expertise will greatly benefit clients and reinforce the firm’s commitment to fighting for the rights of everyday Australians.

“Sunil’s extensive experience and dedication to the union movement will be invaluable to Hall Payne and its clients. Sunil’s expertise will further Hall Payne’s mission to be the leading labour law firm in Australia, providing exceptional strategic support for Australian Unions to improve the working conditions of their members, and all Australian workers”, says HPL Director, Luke Tiley.

Sunil has joined Hall Payne Lawyers as a Senior Associate.

Hall Payne Lawyers commitment to the Union movement

Joe added, “The addition of Sunil and Mark show Hall Payne’s continued growth of the firm's industrial team in NSW and nationally. We are very excited to have two exceptional lawyers and trade unionists join our national team industrial practice where we have no doubt they will make an immediate and positive impact for our clients.”

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