Author: Ellie Bassingthwaighte

Can my employer stand me down?

The current coronavirus pandemic, resulting in a significant loss of jobs and change to working conditions for many, has raised a number of questions related to employment law. In this article, we ask the question ‘Can my employer stand me down?’

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What are my annual leave entitlements?

All you ever wanted to know about your annual leave entitlements

Annual leave entitlements apply to the majority of the workforce and in 2009, annual leave was enshrined in the National Employment Standards (NES) as one of the 10 minimum entitlements available to employees.

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Am I entitled to redundancy payments?

I am a high income earner. Am I protected by redundancy laws?

Redundancy entitlements are guaranteed by the National Employment Standards (NES). Being a high income earner, does not, on its own, prevent you from redundancy entitlements.

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What is the high income threshold?

What is the high income threshold and how might it affect me?

The high income threshold is one factor that may prevent an employee from being able to pursue an unfair dismissal application. Currently, if you earn more than $145,400.00 per year...

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