Author: Seané Shalev

Rejected workers compensation claim decision overturned after employer failed to consult

Blindsiding a worker into a redundancy meeting is not “reasonable management action”

A worker’s initial claim for workers compensation was denied by WorkCover Queensland due to the employer’s actions being considered “reasonable management action”. The worker ultimately appealed to the QIRC who overturned the prior decision and the workers’ compensation claim was ultimately accepted.

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How much compensation is payable under the COVID-19 Vaccine Claim Scheme?

The COVID-19 Vaccine Claims Scheme is now live! What compensation is payable?

The Federal Governments COVID-19 Vaccination Claim Scheme is now live. In this article, we explore the eligibility requirements, how much compensation is payable, how to claim and how to dispute a rejected claim.

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What compensation is there due to any reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine?

Who pays compensation if you are injured from the COVID-19 vaccine?

We look at where the Federal Government is to date with a COVID vaccine compensation scheme, how it will work, what evidence will be required and, importantly, what compensation may be currently available.

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Court win for young Queensland stonemason with silicosis

Judge determines law to be illogical, unreasonable and inconsistent in stonemason’s dust disease claim

A 35-year-old stonemason, diagnosed with accelerated silicosis and a severe psychological adjustment disorder has been relieved of what the Judge has deemed an ‘illogical, unreasonable, and inconsistent’ dual process enacted by Parliament in 2002.

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