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Blog Posts - Industrial & Employment Law

Benjamin Legge v Barnardos Australia anit-bullying win

Volunteer deemed 'worker' under Anti-Bullying laws

Benjamin Legge, a foster carer under arrangements with Barnardos Australia, contends he was subjected to workplace bullying by case managers and other managers. He filed an application in the Fair Work Commission seeking orders to stop the bullying.

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What are my annual leave entitlements?

All you ever wanted to know about your annual leave entitlements

Annual leave entitlements apply to the majority of the workforce and in 2009, annual leave was enshrined in the National Employment Standards (NES) as one of the 10 minimum entitlements available to employees.

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I’ve used all my sick leave. What now?

What if I have used all my sick leave but I am still sick?

Under the NES, Australian workers in the private sector employed on a full-time or part-time basis, are entitled to paid ‘personal/carer’s leave’. This leave entitlement is commonly referred to as ‘sick leave’.

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What is Unfair Dismissal and what are my options?

What is unfair dismissal and what are my options?

If someone is terminated from their employment and they believe the termination was unfair, there are a number of options available for them to challenge the legality and validity of their termination. The most common alternative is an unfair dismissal claim.

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