Chris Fraser


Chris commenced with Hall Payne Lawyers in 2021 and works alongside John Payne and Dale Blackmore, assisting in matters of corporate governance, compliance and regulation, industrial relations, and employment.

Chris’ keen interest in corporate governance and industrial law is what attracted him to Hall Payne Lawyers.

“Hall Payne has an exemplary reputation for their expertise in these areas and working with pre-eminent John Payne is very rewarding”

Before joining Hall Payne Lawyers, Chris spent four years working for the Finance Sector Union following an extensive career in private and commercial banking.

During his time with Hall Payne Lawyers, Chris has worked closely with the industrial team of the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) and with the charity PTSD Dogs.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys reading in the areas of politics and public international law, along with spending time with family and friends.

Reviews for Hall Payne Brisbane

30 Nov 2023  Google Tracy N

Excellent lawyers, would recommend these lawyers to anyone and everyone. Great communication between them and their clients. Excellent work 👏 thank you for working with us 😊

02 Nov 2023  Google Irina O

Hall Payne Lawyers are a guiding light when you have to deal with a difficult situation such as the loss of a loved one. Philip and Tammy did an amazing job organising our late father's estate for us.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. We highly recommend Hall Payne Lawyers.

28 Sep 2023  Google Louis A

I recently requested legal advice and representation from Hall Payne Lawyers and was fortunate to have Philip Anthony representing my case. The whole experience with HPL was very positive, incl. good communication, competitive legal fees and overall a very good result after proceedings were completed.

Philip Anthony is a professional and highly experienced solicitor and is a valuable member of the HPL team. I am confident in recommending him, without hesitation.

30 Aug 2023  Google A.E

I am very impressed with Hall Payne Lawyers performance and qualifications. They have helped me in two cases.

First one was a serious issue at work, which may have been resulted in redundancy. It was overruled in a proper way.

Second time I asked for assistance with the Workplace COVID Vaxx mandates, holding a legitimate vaccine exemption. I am still not fully vaccinated (one dose only) and yet I maintained my employment in a Healthcare setting visiting and servicing labs and hospitals as a service engineer across QLD.

Hall Payne lawyers are not the cheapest ones but I am very happy with the outcomes and it is totally worth it! Highly recommend and appreciate their legal advice. Thanks a lot.

11 Aug 2023  Google Mahdiyeh A

5-star rating  

09 Aug 2023  Email Anonymous

It was a great pleasure for me to have Jennifer and dear Ms Virne as my Lawyers in this process.

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to you and dear Juliana as my esteemed lawyers.

I wish all the best for you.

19 Jul 2023  Google Mark P
I have found HPL to be a thoroughly professional and considerate legal firm to deal with. They listen and they support your needs with empathy and prowess. Highly recommended.
13 Jul 2023  Google Harley M

Kris Birch and the team at Hall Payne Lawyers were amazing when I required their services for a stressfull employment matter recently.

Kris and Maddy were down to earth, a wealth of knowlege and very attentive to the details that gave me the trust and confidence in Kris that ultimately ended with her dominating the proceedings in impressive fashion.

Thanks again Kris and the team at Hall Payne Lawyers for the great result 👍 👏

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