What Our Clients Say

We’re serious about what we do for you but we can also sit back and self reflect; we can have a laugh at ourselves, recognise our flaws and celebrate our successes.

We know this approach shines through when working with our clients because they let us know. Here, we share some of our client reviews that have come to us by email, through online Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews. 

Please note, all reviews added to this page are 'unedited'. They are added as they were provided with no changes to spelling or grammar.

27 May 2022  Email Jane M

I can’t thank Shirley and her wonderful team at Hall Payne Lawyers Ipswich enough for the constant guidance, support and the eventual outcome of my court hearing. Shirley you can now take a bow… You presented my case to the barrister in such a professional, cut to the chase way that even the barrister couldn’t fault it!!!

You kept me focused on the end result in what was a very difficult case and it paid off. You went over and above in the level of effort, care and concern for over 2 stressful years. Such a mighty effort. I can highly recommend this team. An outcome I had only ever dared dream of. 🙏🙏🙏

20 May 2022  Google Mel C

In my late 30’s self employed professional, I fell from grace, bankrupt, lost my health, my career and my marriage. Hall Payne was the shining light for me through these very dark times, the better part of 5 years in which they took the helm and left no stone unturned.

The result: three successful claims (2TPD & 1IP) the best possible outcome and an absolutely outstanding law firm to deal with. Special thanks to Leanne: Her diligence to handle all the complexities that occurred along the way was infallible and I am forever grateful for her support. Highly Recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

19 May 2022  Google Bek A

The most amazing law firm !! I can’t reccomend highly enough ! 👏🏻👏🏻

Indie constantly phoned me and chatted away giving full explanations and options and reassurance. Honest and reliable service. Everything done for me was to the utmost professionalism with friendly staff, my incredible lawyer Indie and also my wonderful barrister and constant call backs if I had an enquiry .

They supported me every step of the way with a personalised experience and never rushed a phone call but took the time to make sure I was personally going ok and understood everything at each stage and In between. I felt I was cared for and that my case and more importantly myself was also important and understood . I was not just a number.

There was nothing hidden it was all upfront and explained and proved by my end result that they are a genuine and significant law firm.

Everything was made easy for me and easy to understand. I cannot thank them enough for their guidance professionalism and kindness. Even after my case was finalised I still received a call from Indie making sure things were ok and good and offering some more options and advice to help me along after settlement had happened.

I truly cannot thank them enough. I am forever grateful.

19 May 2022  Google Jillian F

5 star review

18 May 2022  Google Steve C

Service is excellent , staff are very helpful they go above any beyond any other Lawyers we have ever dealt with

17 May 2022  Google Clarissa F

I was recommended to Hall Payne Lawyers by my sister in law who found their services invaluable. Henry was compassionate and understanding from the very first phone call. His professionalism and work saw me through a very tough 3 weeks, and thankfully we won the case. I could not recommend Henry and the team enough, very professional and affordable.

05 May 2022  Google Roger K

I am very pleased to write a review for this firm. When you need help everything seems so complicated. These wonderful lawyers make you feel at ease with real advice from a caring base that is easy to understand. Professionals that care, that says it all.

04 May 2022  Google Mark C

I would just like to thank Hall Payne Lawyers in Hobart and a big special thankyou to Indi Gunadasa my legal representative for assisting me to obtain my long service leave that I was entitled to but was consistently told I was not entitled to pro rata, Indi worked along with me to obtain this.

My husband Mark and myself would not hesitate to use this company should we ever need further legal advise.

Denise and Mark

20 Apr 2022  Facebook Bronwen G
Alexander Williams dealt with my Work Place employment issue. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional and achieved the desired outcome
14 Apr 2022  Google Khanh N

I have received great advice and support from my lawyer and he responds quickly. Joe. K is the guy to go. Worth the money

01 Apr 2022  Google Nat R

If you want the best legal service, Kris Birch from Hall Payne is an absolute class act! She will not stop till she gets the best results for her clients. Thank you Kris and Hall Payne can't recommend enough!

29 Mar 2022  Google Nikki D

Extremely professional. The expertise, knowledge and understanding shown by Megan and her team allowed for a smooth journey from beginning to the end. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

29 Mar 2022  Email H.M

Madeleine, thank you for your time this morning. You were so clear and knowledgeable with your advice, it was very helpful to me. Many thanks also for your kind manner, and please pass on my thanks to Brooke for organising the meeting. I just wanted to add that I found Hall Payne to be such a friendly and efficient firm, and would recommend them to anyone.

29 Mar 2022  Email S.M

Hello Madeleine and Brooke

Thank you so much for your email. It is so great to hear from AHPRA that their investigation is closed. Thank you so much for assisting in my case and I really appreciate the efforts and time spent on my case. I am very grateful to the Hall Payne Team and their timely response and understanding of the psychological toll of my case and for providing good support. 

28 Mar 2022  Google Kerri C

The care, professionalism and patience Megan and her team provided to me throughout the entire process was exceptional. As a survivor I would very highly recommend Megan, she was incredible. The amount I received far exceeded anything I thought was achievable.

25 Mar 2022  Google Dave C

Hall Payne Lawyers, provide exceptional advice, referral and expertise! Professional, approachable, compassionate and friendly legal service. Highly recommended!

19 Mar 2022  Google Chris W

We have spoken to Seané Shalev a couple of times now and she has been excellent and extremely helpful,we definitely we be contacting her again for our next claim

15 Mar 2022  Google Robert B

5 star review

12 Mar 2022  Google Adrian L

Indi Gundasa looked after my claim over the two years it took to finalise. He was incredible. He took all the worry and workload off me and explained things simply with clarity. Indi and his staff made the two years that I had to wait for my workcover payout tolerable.There seemed to be so much involved that I wouldn’t have been able to deal with it.

Indi made the process bearable with his attention to detail amazing. Thank you Indi and staff. Your work over the last two years has contributed to changing my life for the better.

02 Mar 2022  Google Tony B

I have served as both state and federal police officer and a Justice of the peace qualified for 36 years. My dealings with Hall and Payne solicitors over time has been both professional and and easy to work with. I have no hesertation in recomending this firm for any of this lifes legal needs.
Yours faithfully, Thomas Baddock.

01 Mar 2022  Google Carlo N

After four long years of litigation, my worker’s compensation claim was finally accepted! I can’t thank Jessica Hodge enough for her tireless efforts throughout the whole process and her genuine caring and considerate nature, understanding the difficulties I faced was met with her coming from a compassionate heart to walk me through it all, stage by stage.

Thank you for caring and helping me throughout Jessica, you’re a legend !!

28 Feb 2022  Google Izhar A

Highly recommended Hall Payne Lawyers. Indi and team has taken our case on very short notice. He prepared our case very well. He is very professional and supportive person

23 Feb 2022  Google Ben M

An exceptional and professional service that I cannot speak highly enough of. Indi and the Hobart team were always in contact and supportive throughout. Would recommend to anyone!

20 Feb 2022  Google Bridget S

When I injured my wrist at work it was a battle from the start with the insurance company. I was incapacitated for about 3 months doing physiotherapy and exercise to try and strengthen my wrist. I was finally able to start a graduated return to work, when suddenly the insurance company decided that my injury was not a work related injury! I was horrified at this total lie, so I contacted Indi Gunadasa at Hall Payne Lawyers.

The whole team at Hall Payne were very helpful, offering a 'No win, No fee' package without having to find any money made it so much easier for me!! Not having worked for some time, I was pretty well broke.

Indi Gunadasa guided me through the legal minefield until we came to the tribunal hearing. The Hall Payne team were right beside me at the hearing and Indi hired a fantastic barrister to fight our case. Within 3 hours he put the insurance company in their place along with their lawyer and secured me a substantial payout!!

I would recommend Hall Payne Lawyers to anyone in a similar situation. DO NOT be intimidated by the antics of insurance companies, as they will do anything to rid themselves of a claim. Indi and the whole team at Hall Payne Hobart made the situation easy for me!!

THANKYOU Indi Gunadasa And Hall Payne.

27 Jan 2022  Google M.R

From the beginning Kris was wonderful and very astute, this impressed me. Kris makes you feel like you are her only client, is empathetic and really knows her business. Kris is intelligent and highly articulate, she listened to everything I was asking for and made sure it was conveyed, she was tenacious and because of her I had a most favourable outcome.

I am so pleased that Kris was kind enough to take my matter, it was a stressful time for me but Kris took control and handled it all so professionally. And I would like to add she was well worth the fee.

I would definitely recommend Kris at Hall Payne to friends and family. Thank you Hall Payne for having an awesome Lawyer like Kris Birch on board.

24 Jan 2022  Google Janelle A

Absolutely A++ Extremely professional, fantastic communication, and top rated service. Pleasure to deal with, going over & above for their clients. Achieving great outcomes. A++

21 Jan 2022  Google Sharron T

The staff at Hall Payne Lawyers were always helpful by explaining the details and making me feel comfortable with all the legal terminology.

I would highly recommend Hall Payne Lawyers for great service and outcome. Thank you to the team.

20 Jan 2022  Google Mark C

My wife Denise was very pleased to be introduced to Hall Payne Lawyers Hobart through her Union for her Workers Compensation claim. Indi Gunadas is a very professional gentleman in the legal field, all Denise's questions and concerns where explained to her in language she could understand.

Denise was more than pleased with her claim outcome. Denise and myself would use this company should we ever need further legal advise. Denise and Mark Castle.

17 Jan 2022  Google Robyn P

Thank you Jessica Hodge! What a superstar! My experience with Jessica and Hall Payne was at all times one of dealing with consummate professionals.

Jessica over delivered at every turn. She provided solid, pragmatic advice and is sharp as a tack! She saw me through to the Qld Industrial Relations Commission and with her impeccable guidance I received a positive outcome. More importantly to me, I felt validated and vindicated.

13 Dec 2021  Google Mario C

I had the best experience, was represented by an incredible Solicitor, Baiba Thomas. Baiba and her team worked extremely hard to ensure I would get the justice deserved.

I wish to thank immensely Baiba, Alexandra, Esra and top Knotch Barrister Mr J Trainer.

I highly recommend Hall Payne Lawyers.

29 Nov 2021  Google Kerry C

I had a complex employment matter that had to go initially to the Fair Work Commission. My lawyer Luke Tiley was in every sense awesome in his advocacy, swift & incisive in his response, professional and incredibly talented as an employment lawyer.

I would definitely recommend this firm, and especially Luke Tiley for any employment matter you may have. 5 stars plus.

16 Oct 2021  Facebook Jason N
I had a tough case against opponents with much deeper pockets than myself. I contacted other law firms that you see advertising. They all said my case was either two difficult or I did not have a case at all. By chance Megan Stanley of Hall Payne solicitors was recommended. Megan looked at my case and said she would be happy to act for me. In the end I was awarded a favourable settlement. Megan and her team make you feel from the outset that she is a top level solicitor with a very capable team backing her. I would not hesitate to recommend Hall Payne to anyone. Thanks again for everything, job well done. Jason.
01 Oct 2021  Google Carolina C

5 star review

28 Sep 2021  Google Tommy A

Thank you Cale Fryer and Hall Payne Lawyers for the professional service and getting a successful claim in 1st Queensland hard metal exposure. Regards, Tommy A

23 Sep 2021  Email Anonymous

A Big thank you to Hall Payne Lawyers for every ounce of assistance that was given to me to get my workplace injury sorted out after a long and nightmarish time. it was a very difficult and bumpy ride along the way but you guys stood by me and supported me all the way, explaining little legal matters that I never knew about.

Craig Joshua it was such a great experience working this case with you and to all the legal assistants, legal personnel and specialist  that have been involve through the entire process I really appreciate it. Can’t thank you enough. This Hall Payne Law firm is EXEMPLARY.

As always THANK YOU.

Name supplied for anonymous publication

17 Sep 2021  Google Karen J

Incredibly supportive, professional, competent and individualised services provided by this firm. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Juliana and Linda M have provided invaluable support that went above and beyond while also providing me with the best representation I could hope for. Highly recommended

14 Sep 2021  Google Daniel V

Highly recommend Hall Payne Lawyers, Indi Gunadasa and the Team helped me with my case for 2yrs very supportive and Professional, Im very Happy with the outcome they helped me achieve.1000% will use them again if i ever need them. Thankyou to all Hall Payne Lawyers and administration team.

11 Sep 2021  Google T.B

5 star review

07 Sep 2021  Google Gary B

When I had some difficulty with a work issue I had to use a Lawyer for the first time and was recommended Kris Birch was wonderful. She was honest and gave me the advice and spent time talking me through all the finer details of the issue.

Kris helped me get the best result and would definitely recommend Kris and if I need to, I would definitely use her legal brain again. Thank You Kris

02 Sep 2021  Facebook Jamie S

Very professional, check for the best possible outcome, very patent and well mannered. Thanks for great job so far Madeleine and Brooke

01 Sep 2021  Google Mark S

5 star review

31 Aug 2021  Google Glenn H

5 star review

26 Aug 2021  Google James S

Great folks to deal with

10 Aug 2021  Google Ryan F

5 star review

10 Aug 2021  Google Joseph T

Leanne has helped my family and me through the AAT review. She has displayed professionalism in her work and always offered true and genuine advices. Her experiences with the AAT has also helped and guided us in many possible ways that you can imagine. It would be daunting without her assistance along the way. Great thank you to Leanne and her firm.

05 Aug 2021  Google Anne R

I had the pleasure of working with Craig Joshua to help me with my fairly complicated workers compensation matter, and I do not think I could have found better support during this difficult time for me. Craig not only put together a watertight case, but he was always there when I had a question and took me patiently through the whole process from start to finish. On top of that, he went above and beyond by giving me advice how my claim would affect other proceedings and vice versa, which I am grateful for. The icing on the cake was of course the big win at the end!

12 Jul 2021  Google Jenny Y

Five star review

09 Jul 2021  Google Matthew T

After injuring my back at work, Hall Payne Lawyers helped me to lodge two TPD claims with two different insurers; both claims were accepted and paid. Without their assistance, I do not believe either claim would have been successful.

When making a TPD claim, there are many pitfalls and traps for the uninitiated to fall into. Simple mistakes can lead to a claim being delayed or rejected. In my opinion, it really is worth paying for the assistance of an experienced professional (especially when their services are offered on a "no win, no fee" basis). Also, in light of the amount of work they put into my claims, I believe Hall Payne's professional fees were very reasonable.

I am highly satisfied with the assistance I received from Hall Payne Lawyers. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone ill or injured who is considering lodging a TPD claim.

24 Jun 2021  Google Michele T

The whole team at Hall Payne Lawyers were exceptional. From first enquirey, legal support and follow up, plus acounts. Jennifer was very helpful and gave me advice that resulted in a successfull outcome early in a dispute and helped avoid further heartache.

I would highly recommend their service as early as possible in any dispute to set you on the right path. Thankyou to the whole team.

19 Jun 2021  Google Sophie P

I engaged Hall Payne Lawyers to represent me in my employment dispute. Ellie Bassingthwaite was faultless in her advice, her patience and her genuine care and concern for me as her client. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hall Payne or in using them again if I find myself in a similar situation.

17 Jun 2021  Google Aaron L

I recently engaged Hall Payne Lawyers following a dispute with my employer. Ellie Bassingthwaighte represented me and did an outstanding job. Ellie explained the process in plain english and kept me updated through every step of the process. I highly recommend Ellie and the Hall Payne team.

16 Jun 2021  Google Raelene S

Rating only - no comments

20 May 2021  Google Amon E

Working with Claire Gabriel was stress free and all Hall Payne Lawyers staff are very responsive when you need them. Thank you very much for your support and keep it up.

07 May 2021  Google G.K

Working with Cale Fryer to secure a great outcome was a positive experience. Cale and the team at Hall Payne are reliable, informative and extremely helpful. I highly recommend their services.

01 May 2021  Google Tamara P

This firm represented my partner after an accident. Cale is not only great at what he does, but a down to earth good guy. If the need ever arises I would definitely use their services again. Highly recommend.

30 Apr 2021  Google Angela H

I couldn’t have asked for more, Baiba was so supportive and always kept me updated and well informed.I would highly recommend her to anyone.

28 Apr 2021  google Joseph A

Brooke, Alexandra and Baiba have been an amazing support and an absolute God send during a really challenging and difficult time and through the process.

19 Apr 2021  Google Tracey M

I cannot praise Leanne at Hall and Payne enough for all her hard work. Always professional and always kept me up to date, as soon as she had any updates, she was in touch. The outcome I got was better than the both of us had hoped for. Would definitely highly recommend Hall and Payne, always professional and hard working. Fantastic experience, and will certainly use them again when or if I need to.

19 Apr 2021  Google Ian C

I recently engaged Hall Payne Lawyers to run my workers compensation case and was impressed from the very start. From those initial words of reassurance right through to the final stages of reaching a successful outcome the HPL team was amazing. Craig Joshua, solicitor, was professional in every respect. He was thorough and always kept me informed of what was going on. Nothing was too much trouble. Alexandra Rogers did an amazing job providing paralegal support. With this journey now behind me I can highly recommend Hall Payne Lawyers. 

31 Mar 2021  Google Layla T

Fantastic; I could not speak highly enough professional, quick and honest, kept me informed every step of the way.

31 Mar 2021  Email Dianne D

Many thanks to Craig Joshua of Hall Payne Lawyers and their professional services regarding my Workers Compensation Claim dispute.  My questions were responded to immediately with explanations that I fully understood.  I really appreciate the support that was provided and I am overwhelmed by the positive outcome. I recommend the outstanding services and expertise of Hall Payne Solicitors.

30 Mar 2021  Google Maria F

Thank you to Tim, Joe and your team. What an absolute A1 plus plus plus quality of work, extremely professional and very responsive. I can highly recommend this law firm.

21 Mar 2021  Google Reg H

Hall Payne Lawyers handled my case with a minimum of stress to me with a great outcome, I'm very appreciative of their work.

20 Mar 2021  Google Kerri S

Thankyou to both Cale Fryer and Jaclyn Green for their thorough diligence and professional work. They both consulted with me on the specifics of what is to be expected and guided me through an ordeal that was not a comfortable experience, by doing this it made the ordeal manageable. I found them to be educational but approachable. Direct but kind. Driven but tolerant and patient through my hard times. I would recommend both Cale and Jaclyn to other individuals who are having Social Injustice matters or that may be in need of a genuinely professional Solicitor. Thankyou very much Kerri

13 Mar 2021  Google Glenys A

HPL were thorough in their investigative research, analytical, and prompt with their responses. There was always good communication. I found them to be extremely approachable helping me as their client to feel at ease. Throughout my lawyer remained objective and the result was the achievement of a fair and just outcome. Good Value! I Highly recommend them!

12 Mar 2021  Email Geoffrey R

Just a “short” note to thank you and your team for getting me a positive result from my claim with “ICare”.

Although I had a genuine work-place accident I really didn’t know what to do next after it was disputed.  Your explanation of the process, follow up, and prompt replies to my questions were excellent.  Both myself and my wife Annie (whose health isn’t the best) are very grateful for your diligence and things, I hope, will be a lot better for us, all thanks to your team at Hall Payne and Charmaine (C.F.M.E.U.) Townsville Qld) recommending your legal firm.  Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all concerned.

I will keep you informed of my progress.

With Kindest Regards

08 Mar 2021  Email J.K

Wow thank you so much. I wasn’t expecting this amount. I thought you would get some of this. You did so much work. This is amazing. I cannot tell you how much having them pay anything means to me. I really appreciate all your hard work. Thank you

07 Mar 2021  Google Hugh W

Definity would recommend Hall Payne to represent you for workplace employment and property conveyancing.

02 Mar 2021  Google Debbie L

Always very kind, encouraging, considerate, polite , courteous and most of all professional. I would have no problem in recommending Hall Payne Lawyers to anyone in the future. A Big Thank you!

25 Feb 2021  Email Kevin L

I would like to give Kris Birch and Sarah Cavanagh a '5 star review' based on their promptness and due diligence. Kris Birch’s performance in court was outstanding and supplied me with the best outcome, if I could give a 12/10 I would. 

23 Feb 2021  Google Suzanne W

What an amazing experience, with not only an amazing team but a sensational Lawyer. The Hall Payne Lawyers and especially Kalina were knowledgeable, informing and most importantly supportive. The response to my questions, and retrospectively nervous queries provided my with the ability to feel positive during this time. Highly recommended team.

18 Feb 2021  Google Kim B

Thanks again to the great team at Hall Payne Lawyers, very professional and helpful. The team explained everything I needed to know and were very friendly and easy to talk to. Will highly recommend to anyone wanting legal help. Thank you.

15 Feb 2021  Google Dana T

I engaged Hall Payne to provide advice on some questions I had regarding a contract and their service was prompt and helpful. Ellie was able to explain the scenarios and provide helpful advice to allow me to make an informed decision. Overall a very good experience. Would recommend to other people looking for support regarding employment contract advice.

15 Feb 2021  Google Sandra B

5 stars - no comments

08 Feb 2021  Google Katina W

We had a complex workplace personal injury matter which required the team to learn some highly specialised information in a particular field. They took the case on and learnt all the technical components with much enthusiasm. They secured the Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claim for us, which was also quite complex. We also were able to settle Work Injury Damages (WID) with the former employer and were very pleased with our settlement amount which the team had worked hard to secure on our behalf. From start to finish, they were always on hand to discuss any of our questions and honestly treated us like part of the family. We would highly recommend working with Hall Payne.

05 Feb 2021  Google Norelle F

We had Alexander Williams as our Lawyer. He worked very hard for us to get a great result. We were more than happy with the way he kept us informed, his knowledge of dealing with our case. We know that we never would have received the result if it wasn't for him. Thank you Alex.

27 Jan 2021  Google Robert S
27 Jan 2021  Email Mary

Hall Payne Lawyers have assisted me with a case since December 2019. From the first point of contact with the company until today I have always been impressed with the service and support provided. 

Hall Payne have always responded promptly and effectively to all enquiries and provided me with honest, expert advice. 

I would highly recommend Hall Payne Lawyers.

20 Jan 2021  Google Paramjit S
20 Jan 2021  Email Marion V

My thanks to Hall Payne Lawyers for their very professional service regarding my Claim.  Both Baiba Thomas and Craig Joshua were always there for me when needed.  Both these people were very caring and always prompt with replies to questions and my Claim ending in a very pleasing conclusion.  I highly recommend them.  

16 Jan 2021  Google Karen T

Kris is passionate about what she does, a realistic down to earth person who knows her job and how to do it. I would highly recommend Kris .

16 Dec 2020  Google Catherine F

Henry Pill assisted me with a change of employment matter. His professionalism, timely responses, clarity regarding issues and advice provided confidence and reduced stress. I highly recommend the services of Henry and Hall Payne lawyers.

16 Dec 2020  Google John H

Great service & communication throughout.

09 Dec 2020  Google Wayne

Cameron and the team in the South Brisbane practice were so professional and supportive in dealing with my matter. I highly recommend Hall Payne Lawyers for any one who values honest advice and a professional team around you.

09 Dec 2020  Google Tanya B

Highly experienced and knowledgable team who consistently maintained engagement, support and collaboration both professionally and personally.

05 Dec 2020  Google Michael K

Luke Tiley sought first to understand. He was thorough and considered in his approach to my matters and provided options, carefully detailing potential advantages and disadvantages of options. This was done without fuss and with a refreshing honesty. He maintained a professional, style with a respectful approach. I appreciated his frank authenticity and his expedient efficient way of dealing with complexity.

Luke understood me as a person and the situation I found myself in, leading me ultimately to a positive resolve in relation to the matters I faced. His interventions made a difficult situation resolvable. If you are seeking efficient, client focussed authentic counsel and support in relation to employment issues, I highly recommend Luke Tiley whose experience, efficiency and commitment to my cause, was abundantly apparent.

24 Nov 2020  Google Alfia C

Very fair and professional

23 Nov 2020  Google Lachlan S

Kris Birch handled an unfair dismissal case for me through my union. Kris was retained only a few days before the case went to conciliation. I was very impressed by Kris' ability to have a full and complete understanding of my case with only a few days to prepare. Kris took the time to explain the intricacy's of the legal process to me and answer any questions I had. The eventual settlement was much better than I had expected. I truly believe that I would not have received such a good outcome had Kris not been representing me. If anyone I knew were in need of an employment law specialist, I would strongly recommend they use Hall and Payne lawyers.

10 Nov 2020  Google Damian K

Five stars - no comment

09 Nov 2020  Google Chris S

I recently used Indi at Hall Payne and his service was outstanding. His knowledge and professionalism were simply second to none. Honest from the start and didn't leave any false hope. When it came to crunch time he came through with a positive outcome. I would highly recommend Hall Payne.

06 Nov 2020  Google C. Cole

I highly recommend Hall & Payne to anyone needing legal advice and support. As legal jargon was quite foreign to me I asked for, and appreciated, honest advice about my situation. Henry & Leonie went above and beyond with their friendly and excellent service during an unexpected and difficult time in my life. Now that I have closure I look back with a sigh of relief that someone referred me to Hall & Payne.

02 Nov 2020  Google OJax

Henry Pill's advice was professional, super efficient and my matter was dealt with in an empathetic and calming manner. Would highly recommend Henry and the Team at Hall Payne

01 Nov 2020  Google David H

Very easy to talk to and discussed options that we might consider in our legal dilemma.

30 Oct 2020  Google Ian S

Cale and Jaclyn make a great team! I was in all sorts of trouble from a serious motorcycle accident and wasn't able to return to my previous duties. Cale and Jackie sorted things out promptly. Cale and his team bent over backwards for me and had my best interests at hand!!! I will definitly will be reccomending them to people I know and in future and I will be using them for all my future legal matters! If there was a 6 star option, I would of chosen that instead of the 5!!! Thanks again guys for your help, VERY much appreciated!!! I felt very secure with this firm! Ian Simpson.

04 Oct 2020  Google Susan H

Very professional and supportive law firm. Responsive and courteous, highly recommend their services.

27 Sep 2020  Google Shelby T

My lawyer Kris and her team - was exactly what my case needed. Kris is beyond knowledgeable and is a strong and confident personality that I would not like to be up against in a court room - and because of that she was able to find success at conciliation instead.

08 Sep 2020  Email Lynda F

I am very grateful to Leanne [Taylor] for helping me to acquire Australian Citizenship;  I needed to apply for the Ministers Discretion due to the complexity of my case.  Leanne guided me through the various processes I needed to follow and the identification of all the (about 40) documents I needed to submit.  I found Leanne's knowledge of Immigration Law to be excellent and I am very grateful to her for her assistance.  Mine was a complex case and Leanne was very helpful in putting my case to the Immigration Department.

If requested I would have no hesitation in referring Hall and Payne's Immigration Services to anyone who came to me for such advice.

Yours sincerely, Lynda F

02 Sep 2020  Google Nic W

It was a absolute pleasure to deal with and watch such professionals at work. Our experience was very top class and very highly recommended.

26 Aug 2020  Google Steve A

Ellie Bassingthwaighte from Hall Payne Lawyers was sensational. She provided excellent support and diligently worked during the proceedings. She supplied exemplary advice, let alone, her maturity and calm was Zen-like, which in times of stress is extremely valuable. Ellie and her team were always helpful and appear to work tirelessly, maintaining an unwavering purpose of getting the best outcome for you, their client. I would also like to thank John Payne and Joe Kennedy for providing me with an effective, driven professional such as Ellie. Cheers Steve

22 Aug 2020  Google Tony T

I can't speak highly enough of not only Cameron an Cale but especially Cale who has worked so hard to obtain the best outcome ever possible for me. But also for the whole of Hall/Payne who have shown nothing but complete professinalism throughout my entire case. I would have no hesitation to recommend anyone needing legal help to do them self's a favour an Call them . They are the best.

16 Aug 2020  Google Denise B

I have had a very positive experience with Hall Payne Lawyers. My situation was very challenging and the assistance, advice and support I received was outstanding. I was impressed with the timeliness of response, advice given and that I was consulted at every step, given choices on direction with solid advice, and the outcome reached was what had been outlined and discussed along the way. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hall Payne Lawyers to all. Thank you

04 Aug 2020  Google Barry T

In 2018, following a workplace accident and excess pressures from my workplace and their insurer, I was referred to Hall Payne Lawyers by representatives at the CEPU (Communications, Electrical and Plumbers Union) to guide me through the pitfalls of the Workers' Compensation system. During this process, which involved a lot of scrutiny of my injury by the Employer/Insurer, Hall Payne, in particular Indi Gunadasa and his team were invaluable with their guidance, empathy and encouragement, which lead to a successful outcome.

31 Jul 2020  Google Peter J

Henry and his team worked tirelessly to achieve a fair result for me, this being for a claim against the Insurance Company and Employer. After suffering a head injury onsite, my claim was dismissed by a very one sided Neurologist. Hall Payne Lawyers were recommended by the ETU. Henry Pill was able to assemble the Subject Matter Experts who ruled in favour of me. Henry achieved a fair settlement for me allowing me to move on and get my health back in order. They were reasonable with costs, and also their experience was valuable in negotiations. Highly recommended.

29 Jul 2020  Facebook Omi G

Luke Forsyth and Tim Grellman at Hall Payne supported me through a recent employment related matter. The firm came with excellent recommendations and absolutely delivered to the high standard I expected. Their advice was considered and tailored to my situation, communication was easy, and I felt very supported throughout the whole matter. The fact that I was able to achieve a satisfactory outcome was the cherry on the cake.

Thank you for looking out for me, Tim and Luke; your support made navigating an unpleasant situation much easier.

26 Jul 2020  Google Garry M

Thank-you Indi. Your professional service and compassion is second to none. We would have no apprehension in recommending Indi's service for work-place injury compensation to anyone in need. He provided good quality service, was responsive to our concerns. All this quality service at a very reasonable price. Jen & Garry

25 Jul 2020  Google Richard N
21 Jul 2020  Google Beau S

Alexander Williams was my lawyer from Hall Payne lawyer’s, and he was excellent, from my first free consolation to the moment we stepped in the court room, as it was a stressful situation for myself Alex always seemed calm through the whole process, very knowledgeable and professional in the way he approached my case, would have no dramas recommending Alex or his firm to represent anybody. I can’t thank Alex enough and his firm as now I can move on from this stressful and scary time in my life. Thank you Alex and Hall and Payne

20 Jul 2020  Google Simon P

Indi and the team recently provided me with support and advice on a complex matter. Indi's ability to understand the key issues and considerations and communicate these in a straight forward, practical and fit for purpose manner proved to be most useful. His personable yet professional approach was most welcome. I would highly recommend Indi and Hall Payne.

15 Jul 2020  Google Angela M

Highly recommend Hall Payne and in particular Joe Kennedy, partner, who is very professional, knowledgeable and managed my very complex employment law matter with excellent results. Communication was excellent, timely and reliable and costs were very reasonable.

15 Jul 2020  Google Cassandra S

Kris Birch was my Lawyer from Hall Payne Lawyers and she was absolutely brilliant. I found Kris to be very personable and realistic in how she approached my case individually and she left no stone unturned to get me the best possible outcome with my legal matter. Kris has a lot of knowledge over many facets of law areas which is quite evident after talking to her and has a lot of networking contacts that she can call on at any given time if required. Kris will always give the worst case scenario and is very transparent of what she can and can't achieve with your individual situation. I honestly can't recommend Kris highly enough and have already spoken about her to other colleagues and friends and won't hesitate in referring her to others as I know she was there during a very scary time in my life and without her professional guidance I can only wonder where I'd be now instead of remaining gainfully employed with respect from my peers and management.

14 Jul 2020  Email Mark G

I would personally like to thank you, M/s Baiba Thomas, Mr Craig Joshua & M/s Alex Rogers [Hall Payne Sydney office] for their Continued Support over the last 12 months.

As you are all aware I had my Court case on July, 1, 2020.

The Arbitrator made a decision without any doubts in our favour. This was because M/s Thomas had ORGANISED, SUPPLIED all the right information & Documents, covered all her bases, including having lengthy conversations with my barrister Mr Jon TRAINOR, who spoke very well on the day.

M/s Thomas had undoubtedly made it very hard for the Arbitrator to say NO, granting us Approval. The arbitrator said on the day that they would normally take  2-3 weeks to give an answer, this is why we got the approval in 7 days not 3 weeks

This will change my life, my wife and my children. Financially & mental wellbeing.

Even my Parents may speak to me again once I give them back their money.

From the bottom of my heart, it’s been a very difficult year, now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. THANKS for fighting for me & my Family, you have saved us in so many directions.

Yours Sincerely, Mark G

04 Jul 2020  Google Greg H

Great service.

05 Jun 2020  Google StevoTheGreat
27 May 2020  Google Bill H

Indi Gundasa from Hall Payne helped me settle a workers compensation claim. At every step he was helpful in explaining the process clearly and what needed to be done (and how long it would take). I found Indi friendly and professional, and the charges to settle the matter reasonable. Would recommend.

26 May 2020  Google Stephen L

I was very pleased to be introduced to Hall Payne Lawyers Hobart through my Union for my Workers Compensation claim . Indi ,Henri and Leonie are true professionals in the legal field all my questions and concerns where explained to me in language I could understand and I was more than pleased with my claim outcome. To me this company is my go to company should I need further legal advise.

25 May 2020  Email Sarah D

Before we started our immigration journey to acquire permanent residency in Australia for my American husband, we were tentative and cautious about the heavy administrative load ahead of us. However, Leanne Taylor supported us in such a confident and professional manner every step of the way. We contacted Leanne while we were still residing in the States and asked her to represent us in our spousal visa application. Leanne very capably had the majority of the paperwork organised in a timely manner on our arrival in Australia.  Leanne adopts a fine balance that seems to work between demonstrating enthusiasm for our cause along with a measured, pragmatic approach to each task. It all appears seamless but we appreciate she worked tirelessly to advance our process. We would recommend her to anyone that needs an immigration service in Australia as she always responds promptly in every correspondence with a cheerful, efficient attitude. We are very pleased that Leanne represented us.

18 May 2020  Google Peter E

I had a phone conference with Indi after suffering injuries in a bike accident. Indi was personable, professional and honest with his advice. He explained the legal position clearly and offered a number of actions as well as further assistance should I need it. I was going to seek a second opinion but after speaking with Indi, I decided I didn't need to.

30 Mar 2020  Email Chris G

The team at Hall Payne are so friendly and so professional, they are an obvious choice for these reasons alone. I have used them 3 times now in varying capacities because of the reasons above, their loyalty to me as a customer, their efficiency and their expertise. Every staff member is great to deal with and no issue is overlooked. I felt listened to at all stages and the advice provided to me was appropriate and very well explained.

Don't waste your time anywhere else.

24 Mar 2020  Google Sarah M

Luke Forsythe of Hall Payne came to our aid when we were in a very precarious situation. His expertise and compassion put us at ease and things unfolded just as he said they would, which was a tremendous comfort to us in a difficult time. We are so grateful to him and Hall Payne for making the process as quick and straightforward as possible, and for our positive result.

20 Mar 2020  Google Matthew K

I would like to thank all the team at hall and payne for the professionalism and really big thing for me was there care that the team had were other companies like T/FREEMAN DIDNT THINK I HAD A CASE were cale fryer and david McCormack and Jaclyn Green were there all the way so thank you for great outcome I wouldn't of done it with out you

09 Mar 2020  Email - NT John L

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to share my experience with Hall Payne Lawyers I have had over the past 12 months or more.

I was injured at work and through my Union (Australian Maritime Officers Union), I was advised to contact Hall Payne Lawyers.

I was first introduced to a Lawyer in Sydney, and it was obvious as my injury occurred in the Northern Territory, a Lawyer with expertise in N.T. legislation was required.

Andrew Smith (from Hall Payne Lawyers – Darwin) was the Lawyer who was assigned to me to navigated me through this minefield of facts and language which I did not know a thing about, I could not say enough about his patience and knowledge of my compensation case.

I felt very comfortable with Andrew as he explained in detail all the relevant issues which would come up during this sometimes frustrating time in my life.

And in the end, he was just about spot-on in his assessment of what the financial outcome would be.

Hopefully, I will not need legal representation in the future, but if I was to need it, I would not hesitate but to be in touch with Hall Payne Lawyers.


05 Mar 2020  Google Cherie S

We recently had Jeanie at Hall Payne Lawyers do some conveyancing work for us when buying a house and found her to be very approachable and friendly as well as being efficient at making sure it all went smooth and stress free for us. We would definitely use this company again after our experience with them. Cherie

03 Mar 2020  Google Jason M

I have had a very good result from Hall Payne in Ipswich. Shirley Baker archived a positive result in my case.

29 Feb 2020  Google Mark Y

I recently engaged Indi Gunadasa for a small legal matter. I have to say I am usually a little concerned engaging legal services; it can be an expensive endeavour with unknown outcomes! Indi provided a very efficient, friendly, and professional service. Indi presented as understanding my situation, and provided the right level of assistance at a very fair price.

25 Feb 2020  Email Anne-Maree M

Good morning Paul,

Thank you so much for your call yesterday and for your support and guidance in handling my notification. I am so grateful for the Board's decision and that the process has been finalized.

It has been an experience that I never expected to have to go through,  but there has been some benefits of this situation.  I reflect daily on my nursing decisions and the potential implications of same. I have become a mentor and advocate for the younger RN's and I hope they will always document all of their nursing actions wel to support and guide their clinical practice.

I appreciate your legal perspectives in my case and I am forever grateful. 

Best wishes to you Paul

19 Feb 2020  Facebook Alaina A

The service and attention to detail we received specifically from Jeanie and in whole the conveyancing team at Hall Payne Lawyers Ipswich office was fantastic. Although our purchase settlement was quite multi-faceted, each step (and a few hurdles) were met with great attention to detail, professionalism and communication. As their client I was continually kept up to date and well informed. I thoroughly recommend Jeanie..she is a conveyancing master!

07 Feb 2020  Google Hugh W
19 Dec 2019  Email Bobby-Joe K

The team at Hall-Payne Lawyers are fantastic.  They fought the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency for me to get my nursing registration and to have the conditions on my nursing registration removed.  I cannot speak highly enough of the team.  From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank-you for your tireless efforts and the support you have given me over the last 2.5 years.  I could't be happier with the service I have been given and the professionalism to which my case was handled.

18 Dec 2019  Email Narelle

 Kris I cannot find the words to express how absolutely grateful I am for your legal knowledge expertise in the manner in which you helps my case I am so honoured to have met you and have had you represent me today I am for ever grateful of your preparation the time the effort the care dedication you have shown my case without your assistance I’m sure that out  come could’ve been so much worse please pass on my absolute gratitude to Tim and his hard work in helping us both I will be forever in your debt if there is ever anything I can do for you please just let me know even if it’s getting together for a cup of coffee when I’m in Brisbane one time your care and compassion make you a fantastic Asset to any company I cannot thank you enough for all your help your comfort your ability to calm my nerves but to keep me fully informed of the consequences of my actions I am so grateful that I have met you in my time of need I would like to consider you a friend thank you so much again Kris.

Hall Payne lawyers should be so proud to have you and your ability to get a just and true outcome. I am really pleased to have met you today if you’re ever in town I’ll meet you for a coffee with absolute thanks  and love 


10 Dec 2019  Facebook Gary S

Really wanted to give a very loud shout out to Leanne and the Firm for all done and accomplished in seeing my wife and two children successfully granted Australian PR. In early 2016 I was given Leanne’s details and advised that she would be the right person to assist me in this somewhat daunting process. Well, it happened, but not without her patience, guidance,persistence & professionalism every step of the way. Ours was not the easiest of cases & at times proved somewhat frustrating to say the least, however Leanne successfully pulled the family over the finishing line..........Next stop, Citizenship......good thing there’s a years break Leanne, your not rid of us yet....Thanks so much for ALL you’ve done for all of us. Have a great Festive Season, catch up early/mid 2020.

13 Nov 2019  Google Mick G

I would not hesitate to recommend the legal services of the Hall Payne team. I have just successfully concluded a long and drawn-out industrial relations issue with a previous employer. Although i have had a number of solicitors work on my case the process has been very smooth and well coordinated. One of the more satisfying things with Hall Payne has been their prompt response to all communications, be it phone calls or Mail (electronic and snail mail). When it comes to Industrial Relations issues I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hall Payne Lawyers.

09 Nov 2019  Google Paul G

Friendly Reliable Service

04 Nov 2019  Email N.T

I would not hesitate to recommend the legal services of Luke and the Hall Payne team to my family and friends. Throughout the management of my employment matter, I consistently received honest and direct advice, in a responsive and timely manner. From our first appointment, I had utmost confidence that Luke had the expertise and experience to best represent me. This proved to be true, and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome achieved through Hall Payne's services. These guys really know their stuff!

14 Oct 2019  Facebook Sam M

I sought advice from Hall Payne on a workplace issue. The lawyer I worked with was fully engaged and committed to case. We worked together to identify possible ways through the issue and the lawyer made me feel that I was a priority. I hope I never have to use their services again, but I’ll know I’m in good hands if I do.

06 Oct 2019  Google Sven S
06 Oct 2019  Google Anne Marie A

My opponent was the Minister for Health and I needed the best representation that exists. I was fighting against corruption, dishonesty and unfair dismissal. Under cross examination of the Ministers’ ‘star witness’ I observed Mr. Gunadasa take command of the domain. Like a French swordsman who struck an ill-equipped amateur, it was a performance I will never forget. My opponent underestimated Indi and was unable to survive the scrutiny and psychological superiority that Mr. Gunadasa displayed.

Mr Gunadasa turned a ‘he said/she said’ into a ‘she said/he bled’. Indi exhibited such skill and expertise in the art of cross examination that what was to be my opponents time in the spotlight, quickly turned into a mesmerizing spectacle of humiliation. After Indi completed his cross examination, the silence was so deafening, the only sound you could hear was the loud hustle of the disgraced ‘star witness’ as his trousers loudly hustled out of the room. It was brutal, it was humiliating, it was art. Mr Indi Gunadasa has always been by my side as my legal counsel when I needed representation. He is a hardworking legal genius who gave excellent advice. He proved that I was telling the truth.

People believed me, and knew that I was an honest hardworking health professional and that I had indeed come up against something very nasty. I felt vindicated by Mr. Gunadasa exposing those who had lied. Don’t risk substandard representation with inferior faulty advice. Go nuclear with Hall Payne Lawyers. The best in Tasmania. 

23 Sep 2019  Email David G

Hi Jeanie,

A quick note to say we have received the final settlement statement and booklet for our recent purchase of the above mentioned property. I just wanted to say again how pleasant it was to deal with you, and how much we appreciate your professionalism and efficiency.

Thank you Jeanie, all the best to you and hope to deal with you again.

19 Aug 2019  Google Michael S

Indi provided an exceptional level of service, and was very pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend him, and would have no hesitation in using his services for future legal matters.

16 Aug 2019  Google Chris T

Joseph Kennedy provided an outstanding job in representing me. His skills of respectful communication and negotiation to all stakeholders involved in my issue, combined with his expert application of law, resulted in a successful and very happy outcome. Without a doubt, I felt at all times I was in good hands and pleased Joe had been highly recommended to me. Thank you Joe! 

12 Aug 2019  Google Michael C

Quite helpful and experienced. Looked after my small claim very professionally and courteously. Well worthwhile pushing through to a positive outcome, even though it was fairly time consuming. Never give up - these guys don't when they go to battle for you. Rates seem to be on a par with others in the legal scene. Recommend +++++

11 Aug 2019  Google Ken S

Indi was there in my time of need, and was crucial in providing expert employment law advice and assistance to get me the best outcome possible! Thank you Indi and team

09 Aug 2019  Google Ryan D

Indi and Hall Payne assisted with employment law questions I had and provided advice in respect of award interpretation as well as common law contracts. Indi spent the time to ensure the advice was relevant to the situation and provided great context.

07 Aug 2019  Google Dragan R

I found Indi and his team to be extremely professional, thorough and tenacious. He dealt with my case with confidence and excellent communication which lead to success. I was very happy with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Hall Payne Lawyers.

06 Aug 2019  Email Jess

Huia has been a professional and compassionate advocate for me from the very first contact I have had with her. She has been a wealth of knowledge and experience that has helped guide me in my decision making and through Workers Compensation which I personally find to be a confusing and emotionally draining and soul destroying process.

Suffering a psychological injury, I feared judgement and lack of understanding, I received the complete opposite from Huia. She has been nothing but respectful and thoughtful during all our interactions.

I am lucky she was recommended to me and I would refer her services to anyone wanting to deal with a highly professional, knowledgeable and respectful person. Thanks, Jess

05 Aug 2019  Google Guiqin Li

Good Services, high efficiency,...professional advices....Indi is my favorate lawyer....he is very kind, warm hearted, very professional....i love HPL, thanks for great help....

05 Aug 2019  Google Alexandra R

Huia Azimi is a credit to the profession. Her knowledge and professionalism is second to none. Highly recommend her services and Hall Payne Lawyers for any NSW Personal Injury matter.

03 Aug 2019  Email Nicole

I would not hesitate to recommend the legal services of Luke and the Hall Payne team to my family and friends. Throughout the management of my employment matter, I consistently received honest and direct advice, in a responsive manner.

From our first appointment, I knew that Luke had the expertise and experience to best represent me. This proved to be true, and I was pleased with the outcome of my matter.

The knowledge and professionalism of Luke and the team gave me confidence during a stressful time and I am very appreciative of their services.

02 Aug 2019  Google Annie F

Hall Payne Lawyers and in particular Indi Gunadasa have been excellent with my legal matter. It was a pleasure to work with Indi for this case. He was very quick to respond to all matters and questions and he made the whole process a lot easier and less stressful. He explained everything in great detail and was always very professional.

My whole experience with Hall Payne Lawyers was great and I would definitely return to them if I needed more legal advice and assistance.

The secretary, Leonie, was very helpful also and always very pleasant to communicate with. Thank you for such a great experience in a stressful time!

02 Aug 2019  Email TP

Thank you for taking the time to provide a review of your experience with Hall Payne. Simply type your review below this paragraph and hit "send".

My Experience with Syvannah was so professional. She was able to provide me with advice that put my mind to rest.

They are very professional. Highly recommend their service.


23 Jul 2019  Google Priya S

Luke forsyth is an excellent lawyer, very supportive , with wealth of knowledge, very hardworking. My experience with him was par excellent. I would highly recommend him. Dr Pallav Shah

23 Jul 2019  Email Adrian H

I have been a client with Hall Payne Lawyers for the last two years.

Hall Payne and their Team of exceptional layers (you know who you are) have been pivotal in the success in the handling of my case. Words cant begin to describe my gratitude for the work that you have done and the peace of mind that I now have for my future due to your success and professionalism.

I would not hesitate to recommend Hall Payne to family, friends or anyone in need of their exceptional talent.

Thank you Hall Payne for your unwavering and continued support.

18 Jul 2019  Email Andrew M

Hall Payne lawyers were referred to me by a friend. I found them easy to deal with,professional in their manner and finalised a great result for my situation. I would not hesitate to refer them to friends,family or colluegues.

07 Jul 2019  Google Mark O
02 Jul 2019  Email Steve J

Kalina and the team from Hall Payne Lawyers provided me with outstanding service in my time of need recently. Not only was Kalina knowledgeable, she was also supportive and encouraging and kept me abreast of progress with the case at all times. Kalina was thorough and proactive and she dealt with my complex case professionally and efficiently. She understood the emotional rollercoaster I was facing and she always made me feel welcome to ask her any questions I might have at any time. I sincerely appreciated Kalina's explanations of the process and her regular updates helped put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend Kalina and the team at Hall Payne to anyone who requires a professional and supportive legal service.

16 Apr 2019  Email Emily B

Jeanie helped with both the sale and purchase of my properties. Everything was made easy and stress free which is what you need during the selling process. I will be using Jeanie again when we purchase our new house. It was a painful process but never when it came to the Solicitor side of things. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you for all your help!

25 Feb 2019  Facebook Peter M
05 Feb 2019  Email RTBU Member

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the effort of Hall Payne Lawyers and in particular Syvannah Harper.

Syvannah was thoroughly meticulous in her preparation for my court matter.

I was facing a possible 3 month driving suspension for a serious traffic infringement and Syvannah was able to get it reduced to only 4 weeks.

In light of my offence, I was very pleased with the outcome.

Syvannah is a very well-mannered, well-articulated and confident individual.

I would also like to thank my union delegate at Ryde Depot, Allan, for his unwavering help and support. A thorough gentleman.

Yours faithfully,
RTBU member

22 Jan 2019  Google Trevor J
18 Jul 2018  Google Craig D

They look after their clients

15 Sep 2017  Google Cindy G

Friendly and helpful. Meet my needs and looked after things the minimal fuss. No headaches for me!

12 Aug 2017  Google Zeb R

Wonderful experience really treated us like humans and took an axe to our concerns.

26 Aug 2016  Facebook Steven L
16 Jun 2016  Facebook Tony T
05 Feb 2016  Email Maria S

Hi Leanne,

Good morning! How are you?

I am sorry to bother you but i wanted to let you know that there are times i still think of you and everyone at Hall Payne Lawyers that helped us.

Tyrone is back to school since last week and seems settled.  He is getting taller and gained a couple of kilos.  He is so heavy but still sit on may lap as if he only weighs 10kilos.  Work is constantly busy. 

Anyways, I wanted to say thank you again.  Because of you and everyone at Hall Payne Lawyers - tyrone and I are enjoying life here in Australia and the blessings that comes with it.

My sincerest gratitude and more power!!


Maria S