Personal Compensation Law

We offer personal compensation services in Queensland, NSW, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Our specialist personal injury lawyers advise on:

  • State-based worker's compensation;

  • Comcare (the federal worker’s compensation scheme);

  • Motor vehicle accident claims;

  • Medical negligence claims;

  • Abuse claims;

  • Public liability (slip and fall claims);

  • Black Lung, Silicosis, Asbestos & Dust Diseases (QLD); and

  • TPD and income protection claims.

Each State and Territory has different laws so it’s important you select the relevant location.


Blog Posts - Personal Compensation Law

Win for Queensland spray painter’s terminal condition WorkCover claim

Win for Queensland spray painter’s terminal condition WorkCover claim

A worker’s claim for terminal benefits under worker’s compensation was denied by WorkCover Queensland as the medical evidence did not suggest the condition would terminate his life. The worker appealed to the QIRC who overturned the prior decisions

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Important tips when lodging your Comcare claim

Comcare claims; important tips about the claims process

With Comcare worker's compensation claims, it’s important to ensure details of your claim clearly demonstrate a connection between work and your injury; a threshold test referred to as causation.

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Disputed Tasmanian workers compensation claim

What to do if your Tasmanian worker’s compensation claim is disputed?

If your worker's compensation claim in Tasmania is accepted, you will be entitled to weekly payments, medical expenses and other benefits. But what happens if your WorkCover claim is disputed by your employer?

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Worker’s compensation benefits terminated unfairly

Worker’s compensation benefits reinstated for injured Tasmanian worker

A win for a Tasmanian worker who had his worker's compensation benefits terminated unfairly. The result saw Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal make an order reinstating the worker's benefits.

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