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We provide Criminal Law services in Queensland and New South Wales.

Being charged with a criminal offence will always be daunting. Ensuring you access the right legal advice and support can be crucial at every stage of the process, with the wrong decisions having the potential to lead to devastating consequences.

We can support you in all areas of criminal law, and have a focus on matters that intersect with the workplace, including:

  • serious criminal matters, both before and after charges;
  • attending formal interviews;
  • defending proceedings in all courts;
  • defending charges bought by government agencies;
  • coronial matters; and
  • bail matters.

Hall Payne also have experience assisting in crisis management with a connection to criminal law, such as deaths in the workplace, assistance to those involved as witnesses and the protection of rights.

If you require advice in relation to a criminal matter or you’ve been charged with criminal offence(s), we encourage you to seek advice as soon as possible.

Do I have to speak with Police?

If you’re asked to provide information about an offence, you should seek legal advice immediately.

You can do this by telling police that you’d like the opportunity to speak to a lawyer before saying anything.

You are obliged to tell police your name, address and, in certain circumstances, your date of birth. You do not have to tell them anything else. If you find yourself in a position where police are asking you for information, remember this and seek legal advice before saying anything more. In most circumstances, we generally advise against talking to police.

If you’ve been asked to go to the police station, you have no obligation to go. The only way you can be made to go to a police station is if you’re under arrest.

Will it make a difference if I have a lawyer?

The Australian legal system is complex, and especially the area of criminal law. What’s more, once a decision is finalised in court, it is often binding. In some matters an appeal may be possible, however, appeals can be very expensive to run and many matters dealt with in the first instance cannot be undone. For this reason it is important to get advice as early as possible.

If you’re charged with an offence the ramifications may be both serious and ongoing, and can touch every part of your life. Independent legal advice and representation can help guide you through this process to make sure your interests are properly represented and that you obtain the best results possible.

If police are speaking to you about a possible offence, everything you say from that point forward may be used against you throughout proceedings. Legal advice will help guide you through this process and ensure that you’re making the right decisions to protect your interests.

We strongly recommend getting legal representation, no matter what stage your matter is at.

Our Criminal Law Team

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