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What are your options if your employer instructs you to do something illegal?

Your employer instructs you to do something illegal. What are your rights as an employee?

It is imperative you understand your rights and obligations in relation to reasonable and lawful directions from your employer. We explore your rights if a direction requires you to break the law.

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Demotion involving reduction in pay and no change in role constitutes dismissal

Demotion involving reduction in pay and no change in role constitutes dismissal

A recent case before the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has served to highlight the provisions around demotions and the circumstances in which they can constitute a dismissal.

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Can my employer reduce my redundancy pay?

Can my redundancy payment be reduced by my employer?

Employers are increasingly attempting to utilise a provision of the Fair Work Act to reduce an employee’s entitlement to their redundancy pay.

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Unions and union membership is good for workers

Unions are good for workers and good for society

We think it is integral that employment law victories are continually recognised and celebrated so that society continues to appreciate the key role unions have played in Australia’s history.

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