Privacy Policy

Hall Payne Lawyers is committed to keeping your Personal Information private. The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) regulates the way in which we collect and use your Personal Information as well as the circumstances under which we might provide information to third parties. We comply with the National Privacy Principles in that regard.

This Privacy Policy is designed to assist you in understanding how we collect and use your Personal Information in connection with our business and the marketing of our services, and to assist you in making informed decisions when using our site and our products and services, and the sites of our advertisers.

Information We Collect
We collect “Personal Information” either directly from you or via our website. “Personal Information” is information that could identify you as an individual, or from which your identity could be reasonably ascertained. The Personal Information that we collect depends on the legal work that we are undertaking.

We collect Personal Information from the following:

  • Clients and their staff.
  • Our suppliers and their staff.
  • Employees including potential employees.
  • Individuals who come into contact with the Firm eg doctors providing medical reports.

Examples of information that is collected are name, address, date of birth, gender, marital status, occupation, your contact details and the details of other persons that you might give to us. It also includes information from conversations and material provided by third parties.

When you use our website, information is also collected but that information is limited to the information that you enter into the system.

What Do We Do With Personal Information?
We collect Personal Information to:

  • Provide legal services to you.
  • Tell you about products and services that may be offered by Hall Payne Lawyers (you are able to opt out of this service by contacting us on Free Call 1800 659 114).
  • Comply with our legal obligations.
  • Enter into and maintain supply or business arrangements.

We will use the information for the principle purpose for which it is provided but also for secondary purposes detailed above

Accuracy of Information
As the only information we collect is collected from you or entered by you into our website, we assume that all of your Personal Information is correct. We will use the information that is provided by you but we have no means to check, nor will we check the accuracy of the information that you may provide about yourself or other persons.

Disclosure or Distribution to Third Parties
We do not provide your Personal Information unless you consent to disclosure or it is necessary in order that the services or purposes detailed in this policy can be carried out. This disclosure includes:

  • To other persons who assist in the delivery of services eg Barristers,
    Courts or Tribunals or Mediators.

In the event that we allow Personal Information to be able to be accessed by third parties for organisational purposes such as computer hosting, we will require those organisations to sign confidentiality agreements.

Sensitive Information
Some information is “sensitive information” in terms of the Privacy Act 1988. This is information about your race, religion, politics, trade union membership, sexual preferences and health information.

We will only disclose “sensitive information”:

  • If you consent
  • Where required by law.

Purging of information.
Information that you provide to our online Will and Enduring Power of Attorney Service other than your personal details is purged after 12 months. The data concerning the provisions of your Will or Enduring Power of Attorney is permanently deleted and no copy is kept by anyone after that time.

Collection of Statistical Information
Information that you put into the system may be aggregated for statistical or other purposes but this data will be de-identified prior to its use.

Information about Third Parties
From time to time it may be that you provide us with information about third parties. The same privacy considerations will apply to this information as if it was your own Personal Information. When we receive this information we will assume that you are authorised to provide it to us. If requested you must notify the person that you have provided their information to us.

Staff and Security
Hall Payne Lawyers requires all staff to keep Personal Information confidential. All staff are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

Hall Payne Lawyers takes all reasonable steps to protect the physical security of information and to prevent unauthorised access such as restricted access to records, passwords and firewall.

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We will use your information to communicate with you about products and services of Hall Payne Lawyers. If you do not wish to receive information from Hall Payne Lawyers, you may withdraw from the service by contacting Hall Payne Lawyers on 1800 659 114.

It is possible that Hall Payne Lawyers will change their privacy policy from time to time. Any changes will be posted on our website.

Access to your information
We will provide reasonable access to you for your Personal Information. There may be a fee but we will advise you of the amount of the fee in advance.

In the event that you have a complaint about the manner in which your Personal Information has been used, please refer the complaint to us. Your complaint will be investigated on an in-house basis by a person not directly involved with your matter. Please call 1800 659 114.

In the event that you are still not satisfied, we will advise you of further complaint resolution processes.

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