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Family law is the area of law that deals with matters like divorce, property settlement, childrens’ issues (including who the children live with, visitation rights and guardianship rights), spousal maintenance and annulment of marriage, among other matters.

We all know that relationship breakdown is stressful. It can also be confusing, traumatic and financially crippling if you don’t get the right advice. Skilled, tailored and timely legal advice will ensure you know your obligations and achieve your rights and entitlements.

Hall Payne’s family lawyers have been helping clients achieve good outcomes promptly and cost-effectively for decades. We give trustworthy and practical advice after couples or families part ways.

A lawyer will tell you that you need legal advice for almost everything, but this is one area of life where legal advice will help you no matter what your situation.

The impact a relationship has on your life and the lives of any children you may have, is significant and legal advice means that you’re fully informed when it comes to making important decisions as to what that impact may be. On a practical level, legal advice will also help you to navigate the multiple deadlines and obligations you face, and will help free you from these administrative concerns so you can focus on the wellbeing of your family and yourself.

While we recommend family law legal advice regardless of your situation, there are a number of situations where legal advice is essential, and seeking urgent advice will have an enormous impact on your life moving forward:

  1. When there are children involved or money and property, legal advice will support you in making any decisions that are enforceable.
  2. Where you are seeking a court order or are required to appear before the court for other reasons.
  3. If your partner is selling, using or removing joint assets or has left you with no money or access to joint funds.

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Differences between Binding Child Support Agreements & Limited Child Support Agreements

Differences between Binding Child Support Agreements & Limited Child Support Agreements

Child Support Agreements (both limited and binding) are an integral part of the family law system and are used to set out how your child or children should be supported financially by either or both parents.

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How are gifts treated in family law property settlement?

How are gifts treated in Family Law property settlement?

In Australia, it is quite common to hear scenarios where parents gift their child a substantial amount of money; perhaps as a deposit on a first home or maybe to travel or do renovations. What we’re looking at today is how that ‘gifted money or property’ is treated in any family law property settlement.

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Can I lodge a caveat in my family law matter?

Can I lodge a caveat on the family home during family law proceedings?

A caveat is a registered notice on a land title that will prevent the property from being sold or mortgaged until the caveat is withdrawn, lapsed or cancelled. How do they work in Family Law matters?

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I won the lotto! Does it form part of my family law property settlement?

I won the lotto! Does it form part of my family law property settlement?

Generally, in family law, the winnings from a lottery ticket will constitute part of the parties’ property pool. What is contentious is the contributions each party made to purchasing the winning ticket at the time and the subsequent percentage split of the property pool after the win.

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