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Craig has been working in the personal compensation division at Hall Payne Lawyers as a PLT student since January 2020 and commenced full time employment in May 2020. He completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of NSW before completing a Bachelor of Laws.

Prior to joining Hall Payne, Craig worked as a paralegal in generalist law firms. This has provided him with exposure to various areas of the law including employment law, migration law, property law and commercial litigation.

Craig is passionate about using his background in psychology to build and maintain strong client relationships in order to better understand and support the needs of each individual client.

Outside of work Craig is a sports enthusiast. He enjoys playing and following various sports and also enjoys playing guitar in his spare time.

Reviews for Hall Payne Sydney

18 Aug 2023  Google Paul M

5-star rating

21 May 2023  Email Nadine

To Joe and Brooke 

After suffering a work place injury with my employer, one of the largest multi national companies in the world, didn’t waste time in making life very difficult for me, started to attack my workplace rights as well as given me unreasonable directions. 

This is when I meet Joe Kennedy from Hall Payne. 

Joe was understanding and compassionate about my position but most importantly he was absolutely honest on where I was at. 

Over the next 3 years Joe helped me manoeuvre the many legal and industrial mine fields that was laid out before me. He always offered the best options. Joe  listened to my concerns and desired outcomes and set about achieving those for me. 

Personally I can’t thank Joe enough for all the hard work he has done, no matter what time of day or night Joe would always reply to my messages, emails and calls and delivering the best possible outcome given the circumstances. 

Without Joe I wouldn’t have stood a chance against the Goliath I worked for. Joe is most definitely the man to have in your corner. 

Thank you Brooke for all your help over the last few years too such a amazing firm.

Kind regards, Nadine

23 Feb 2023  Google Mark D

I would highly recommend Tim and Luke at Hall Payne. Not only did they provide expert advice and representation, but were understanding of the emotional stress of the situation and showed genuine care and compassion.

07 Feb 2023  Google Bec

I highly recommend Hall and Payne. Tim gave me sound, expert legal advice and the matter was settled very quickly with a positive outcome. The professional approach of all of the staff helped to expedite the outcome and to avoid the stress of a protracted process. Thank you to all involved.

17 Jan 2023  Google Mike O

Excellent, valuable and prompt advice from Tim Grellman in the area of employment law. Thank you Tim.

05 Dec 2022  Google Ivo D

I would highly recommend the team at Hall Payne Lawyers to support you and deal with those unreasonable non compete enforcement orders from the previous employer. Luke, Tim and the team are very thorough in their approach to keep you calm and optimistic of a favourable process. My advice is to be prepared to do some detailed work yourself to assist the team put together a rock solid case against these orders.

Hall Payne were referred to me after some serious searching....quoting "you want these guys in your corner" for these matters.

Very happy with their work and the outcome.

11 Nov 2022  Google Edwin V

Hi; I was issued with a Court Attendance notice; so through my Union traffic fund was contacted with Hall Payne Lawyers to take over my case and had Time Grellman to represent me and take to Court;

From beginning Tim gave me confidence in communicating via email, phone calls and lately in person; all this communications were very satisfactory and answers professionally and right away, then the day in Court he look after me,

I am very happy with his professionalism and personality not to mention the outcome. Thanks Tim and Hall Payne Lawyers

09 Nov 2022  Google Alex R

Excellent and professional service, very helpful and use your time and money respectfully and thoughtfully.

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