Kris Birch


People come to me with a legal problem and it’s my job to help them fix it.

Kris Birch specialises in industrial relations and employment law at Hall Payne and also leads the Queensland criminal law team. She is admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia (Barrister and Solicitor), the Supreme Court of Queensland (Lawyer) and the High Court of Australia (Solicitor).

Kris has wanted to be a lawyer since she was young.

“I’m passionate about social justice and I genuinely enjoy helping people at a time when they need help the most” she says.

She loves the varied nature of industrial relations, employment law and criminal law and the challenges of her diverse client base.

“I enjoy helping the underdog who would otherwise be disadvantaged by an inherent power imbalance. People come to me with a legal problem and it’s my job to help them fix it.”

Before Hall Payne, Kris spent five years working as an Industrial Officer for the Independent Education Union. She has also completed a secondment with the CFMMEU Mining & Energy Division during her employment with Hall Payne.

Kris has a detailed understanding of complicated issues unique to individual sectors, such as the public sector, construction, black coal mining, education, nursing, retail and hospitality, including in relation to health and safety. She is able to gain a rapid understanding of her clients’ individual situations so that her time is best spent on finding the right solutions.

Kris is often described by her clients as being personable and pragmatic in her approach to matters and she consistently receives positive feedback.

For criminal matters, she most often appears in the various Magistrates Courts across Queensland and has also appeared in the District Court and Supreme Court. Kris also frequently appears in the various Commissions and Courts for employment law and industrial relations matters and has also instructed Senior Counsel in the Full Court of the Federal Court and the Black Coal Mining Board of Inquiry into methane exceedances.

She is a member of the Queensland Law Society, the Industrial Relations Society of Queensland and the Queensland Council of Civil Liberties. She volunteers with several community legal centres and, along with our Cale Fryer and Luke Tiley, is a co-author of the employment chapter of the Queensland Law Handbook.

In her free time, Kris stays busy with various sports and staying outdoors. She is also an active volunteer of Marine Rescue and mentors several law students and junior lawyers.

Reviews for Hall Payne Brisbane

25 Feb 2021  Email Kevin L

I would like to give Kris Birch and Sarah Cavanagh a '5 star review' based on their promptness and due diligence. Kris Birch’s performance in court was outstanding and supplied me with the best outcome, if I could give a 12/10 I would. 

23 Feb 2021  Google Suzanne W

What an amazing experience, with not only an amazing team but a sensational Lawyer. The Hall Payne Lawyers and especially Kalina were knowledgeable, informing and most importantly supportive. The response to my questions, and retrospectively nervous queries provided my with the ability to feel positive during this time. Highly recommended team.

15 Feb 2021  Google Dana T

I engaged Hall Payne to provide advice on some questions I had regarding a contract and their service was prompt and helpful. Ellie was able to explain the scenarios and provide helpful advice to allow me to make an informed decision. Overall a very good experience. Would recommend to other people looking for support regarding employment contract advice.

15 Feb 2021  Google Sandra B

5 stars - no comments

05 Feb 2021  Google Norelle F

We had Alexander Williams as our Lawyer. He worked very hard for us to get a great result. We were more than happy with the way he kept us informed, his knowledge of dealing with our case. We know that we never would have received the result if it wasn't for him. Thank you Alex.

27 Jan 2021  Google Robert S
16 Jan 2021  Google Karen T

Kris is passionate about what she does, a realistic down to earth person who knows her job and how to do it. I would highly recommend Kris .

09 Dec 2020  Google Wayne

Cameron and the team in the South Brisbane practice were so professional and supportive in dealing with my matter. I highly recommend Hall Payne Lawyers for any one who values honest advice and a professional team around you.

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