Leanne Taylor

Paralegal and Migration Agent

With more than 25 years’ experience working across Hall Payne’s Queensland offices, Leanne Taylor has helped countless clients with everything from visa preparation to complex immigration issues and more recently clients needing to claim on their insurance through superannuation.

Leanne is a Registered Migration Agent and since 2003 has worked in migration law and personal injury law with clients from diverse countries and backgrounds. Since 2015 she has also been responsible for the firm’s Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) and Income Protection (also known as Salary Continuance) insurance claim work for the firm’s diverse client base.

Superannuation & Insurance Law

As the staff member that has the day to day contact with clients who are quite often in a bad way due to their injury/illness, I am able to assist them to understand the insurance claim process, act as the go between with their insurer/superannuation fund to take the stress and pressure off them by handling the preparation of the relevant paperwork to give their claim the best prospects of succeeding.

After all, their financial future often depends on it; all at a time when they generally don’t have the physical or mental capacity to deal with much more than simple day to day living requirements let alone anything else.”

Immigration / Migration Law

“Migration Law is becoming a very complex and constantly changing arena to work in. Individuals can experience difficulties navigating their way through the visa maze. I enjoy working with clients and I’m here to help them realise their goal of living in Australia,” she says.

Leanne’s skills include appeals to the Migration and Refugee Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and preparing submissions for ministerial intervention. Her outstanding successes in complex migration law matters at Hall Payne include:

  • Gaining visas and overturning visa refusal decisions;
  • Overturning criminality-based visa cancellations and citizenship refusal decisions;
  • Successful AAT review applications, where documentation, genuine relationship, character, student status or health were in dispute.

There have been several wins in Leanne’s career but she remembers one particularly proudly. When the ten-year-old son of a Townsville nurse, Maria Sevilla, was refused a visa due to his autism, Hall Payne submitted a case to the AAT for ministerial intervention. Despite Ms Sevilla’s appeal initially being rejected, the AAT accepted this submission. On reviewing the substantive submission, Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton granted the Sevillas permanent visas. You can read about the decision here.

Leanne is a member of the Migration Institute of Australia and Migration Alliance. Outside work, she contributes to her community as an active Board Member of the Beenleigh Yatala Chamber of Commerce and as a Director of Logan Community Bank (Bendigo).

Reviews for Hall Payne Brisbane

21 Mar 2024  Google William G

Very highly recommend !

Jaclyn Green and Cale Fryer were very understanding and supportive. They showed empathy and compassion and I felt very comfortable opening up to them about my case and how I was feeling at different stages throughout my case.

Cale was very personal and I knew that he genuinely cared about my health first and foremost. Very professional approach to my case and very reassuring. After every conversation I had with Cale I felt more and more confident that my case was going to have a good outcome which in the end it did.

I have told many people about my experience and the satisfaction I felt at the end of my case after working with the team at Hall Payne Lawyers. I highly recommend the professional team at Hall Payne Lawyers.

20 Mar 2024  Google Janenne B

Leanne Taylor was of great assistance and instrumental in the successful sponsorship and employment of our newest team member.

I highly recommend Leanne for guidance and assistance during this process and will utilise her services should we pursue sponsorship of future employees.

19 Mar 2024  Google Matt L

Kris Birch and Luke Forsyth, and all of the team at Hall Payne helped me navigate a very difficult matter in a capable and compassionate way. I am very grateful for their expertise and care resulting in an excellent outcome.

01 Mar 2024  Google Kylie B

We had a very pleasing experience with Cale from Hall Payne Lawyers. Going through a personal injury matter is stressful but I always felt confident with Hall Payne. They were extremely informative, supportive and reassured us when we needed it.

Over all I highly recommend them for any matter. Thankyou Cale and Jaclyn

29 Feb 2024  Google Niomi C

I had reached out to the team at Hall Payne and was so lucky to have Jessie help me. She was professional and amiable but more importantly got the job done effectively and kept me in the loop along the way.

Making a crappy situation with a dodgy car yard a much easier situation to deal with! Thank you 😊

25 Feb 2024  Google Shaun D

I’d just like thank Kris Birch from Hall Payne lawyers in Brisbane for the outstanding service she provided on a couple of matters for me and my children.

Firstly on my daughters DV matter, I believe she went over and above what any other person would have done, I appreciate her treating my daughter with decency and respect and for being there for her when her mother should of been, for this I have so much respect for you and I know Chloe does too, and achieving a fantastic outcome was a bonus.

What can I say about mine and my son’s case? Without you in our corner I know we would have been victims too this unjust world we live in, thanks for believing in us and standing up for us.

And I’d also like to thank you for all your support, advice, messages and numerous phone calls with me whilst dealing with my marriage separation, it’s been a rough few years but I’m nearly on the other side, without you I never would have got there, you mean more to me and my children than just our lawyer, you are an inspiration a friend and sorry to tell you but you are part of our family 💚,

So thanks again for everything you’ve done for us and for being the best lawyer in Brisbane.

24 Jan 2024  Email Grant P

Fantastic service from all involved

15 Jan 2024  Google Anthony L

Awesome comms and outcome. thank you.

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