Shirley Baker


I aim to find common ground and work with clients to achieve the best result.

Shirley Baker was a Principal at SA Baker and Associates when she joined Vanessa Brown to form the firm known as Brown & Baker Lawyers in 1995. When she joined Hall Payne in 2008, she brought 25 years’ experience to the firm in family law, wills and estates, conveyancing and leasing.

Shirley offers reasoned advice to clients and makes every effort to resolve disputes as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

“My clients come from all walks of life. They range from driven business owners to grieving relatives, and those caught up in marital splits.

I aim to find common ground and work with clients to achieve the best result.”

Shirley recalls one case as particularly satisfying. A case involving the living arrangements of a small child had been in and out of court for years until the father abducted the child and moved with the child to another town under assumed names.

“After five months the child was returned to her mother by police,” says Shirley.

“She could then obtain the court orders she needed for the child to live with her full time.”

Shirley’s law career began at Redbank Plains and later Ipswich, where she has lived most of her life. It was here she realised she wanted to be a lawyer, not a law firm secretary.

“I started my law degree then, and have never regretted the decision.”

When not at work, Shirley keeps busy organising ski trips and big family get-togethers.