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Why you should get property insurance as soon as you sign a contract

The importance of property insurance for buyers during the purchasing process

When a buyer signs an REIQ contract to purchase a property in Queensland, clause 8.1 of the contract provides that the property is at the risk of the buyer from 5:00 pm on the first business day after the contract date.

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Download the PEXA Key app to protect your banking details during property transactions

PEXA Key – the secure app to protect your property transaction banking details

The PEXA Key app is primarily designed as a secure way to request and share banking details between clients and their conveyancers/solicitors.

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Transfer duty payable in Queensland

Transfer duty/stamp duty on property transactions Queensland

Transfer duty or stamp duty as it was previously known, is a government tax levied on a number of different transactions. For the purposes of this blog, we will be discussing transfer duty with respect to transferring land or real property (real estate) during the process of property purchase.

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How to verify your identity for a PEXA e-conveyancing transaction

Verifying your identity for a PEXA e-conveyancing settlement

PEXA is Australia’s online settlement and lodgment platform for property transactions. Verifying your identity is a fundamental step in the process of conveyancing, including e-conveyancing, to avoid any fraudulent property transactions. Hall Payne Lawyers provide secure and simple options for verifying your identity.

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What is PEXA and what are the benefits of using e-conveyancing?

What is PEXA?

PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) is an online settlement and lodgment platform used by about 10,000 lawyers, conveyancers and financial institutions to lodge and settle property settlements. Hall Payne Lawyers have recently subscribed to PEXA to offer our clients more security, flexibility and certainty in their conveyancing matters.

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Conveyancing special conditions for residential contracts

Conveyancing - special conditions for residential contracts

When purchasing residential property in Queensland, there is a standard REIQ (Real Estate Institute Queensland) contract used. There is also an option for ‘special conditions’ to be added to that contract.

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What you need to know about building and pest inspections

Buying a new property? What you need to know about building and pest inspections

A Building & Pest condition protects your property investment. which will identify hidden issues with any property such as, internal leaks, termite infestation, structural damage, faulty roofs, and so forth.

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