Provisional driver’s licence restrictions in Queensland

Provisional drivers licence restrictions in Queensland

You have your learner’s permit and look forward to getting your licence and being able to drive unsupervised. But how does a red and a green P plate restrict you in Queensland? It is imperative that, as a new driver, you are aware of the numerous restrictions that will apply, even when you have your provisional licence.

What is a ‘P’ plate licence?

A ‘P Plater’ is a provisional licence holder. In Queensland, a provisional licence holder under 25 years of age commences on a ‘Red P’ or ‘P1’ and ‘graduates’ to a ‘Green P’ or ‘P2’ before obtaining an open licence.

To get a red P plate licence you must have:

  • had your learner plates for at least 12 months;
  • be at least 17 years old;
  • have recorded 100 hours of driving, including 10 hours of night driving, in your learner logbook;
  • submit your logbook; and
  • pass the practical test.

If you are 25 or older, you don’t need to complete a logbook and you’ll get your green P plate licence upon passing the practical test.

To get your green P plates you must:

  • be 18 years old and:
  • have had your red P plate licence for a least 12 months; and
  • pass the Hazard Perception Test; OR
  • Be 25 years or older and:
  • have had your learner licence (L plate) for at least 12 months; and
  • have been at least 25 years old when you passed your practical test.

Restrictions imposed on P plate licences

Both red and green P plate licence holders must display their applicable coloured plates on the front and back of the vehicle and not have any alcohol in their system when driving.

Limits on carrying passengers

If you hold a red P plate licence, are under 25 years of age and are driving between 11.00 pm and 5.00 am, you can only carry one passenger under the age of 21 who is not an immediate family member.

An immediate family member includes a:

  • brother or sister of the driver;
  • stepbrother or stepsister of the driver;
  • child, stepchild, foster child or ward of the driver;
  • spouse (including de facto partner) of the driver;
  • stepparent of the driver;
  • guardian of the driver;
  • approved carer of the driver (if the driver is a child);
  • child, stepchild, foster child or ward of an approved carer of the driver (if the driver is a child);
  • foster child or ward of a parent or stepparent of the driver;
  • child, stepchild, foster child or ward of a guardian of the driver;
  • spouse (including de facto partner) of a grandparent of the driver; or
  • a person who is regarded under Aboriginal tradition or Torres Strait Islander custom to be a child of the driver (if the driver is an Aboriginal person or a Torres Strait Islander).

Mobile phones

Whilst all drivers are prohibited from holding a mobile phone in their hand or having it rest on or touch any part of their body whilst driving, red P plate licence holders under 25 years of age must not use a mobile phone at all including via:

  • hands-free kits;
  • bluetooth accessories;
  • wireless headsets; or
  • a phone’s loudspeaker function.

Additionally, passengers are prohibited from using a phone on loudspeaker while a red P plate holder is driving. An individual fine applies to the passenger in those circumstances.

Green P plate licence holders and red P plate licence holders over 25 years of age are allowed hands-free use of a mobile phone. For example, they can use a mobile phone in a cradle attached to the vehicle. This can include:

  • to accept calls;
  • use navigation apps; and
  • accept/finish a trip as a rideshare driver.

High-powered vehicle restrictions

High-powered (performance) vehicle restrictions apply to both red and green P plate licence holders under the age of 25 years.

These restrictions also apply if you have completed a period of being disqualified from holding a red or green P plate probationary licence and you were under 25 at the time of the offence. These restrictions apply for the duration of the probationary period, regardless of your age.

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