Author: Craig Joshua

Workers compensation entitlements to weekly payments in NSW

Workers compensation entitlements to weekly payments – section 39 (NSW)

2012 changes to NSW workers compensation mean that an injured worker who was in receipt of weekly benefits since 1 October 2012, has no entitlement to weekly payments after an aggregate period of 260 weeks, or 5 years.

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Your workers compensation entitlements if injured while working from home

NSW workers compensation entitlements when working from home

With "work from home" options continuing for many workers even after the pandemic, this poses the question, “What are my workers compensation entitlements if injured while working from home?”

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What the law says about an employer’s obligation to provide suitable duties after a workplace injury

Worker’s compensation NSW – an employer must provide suitable duties for injured workers in certain circumstances

Workers who have an accepted workers compensation claim in NSW, generally assume that they will return to work on “suitable duties” when possible. But what happens if an employer refuses to offer suitable duties?

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Workers compensation win when claim lodged months after initial injury

NSW workers compensation win for significant injury months after initial workplace incident

We recently represented a transport driver who was involved in a workplace accident involving sudden braking, resulting in a seemingly minor injury. The worker suffered some shock and what he thought was a muscular injury to the shoulder. No claim was lodged until months later after exacerbation of the injury.

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NSW workers compensation benefits for workers in “prescribed employment” who contract COVID-19

NSW introduces changes to workers compensation laws amid COVID-19

Changes to NSW workers compensation laws. If a worker is in “prescribed employment” and contracts COVID-19 (and lodges a workers compensation claim), they now get immediate wage cover and medical expenses.

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